SOL LUCET TRADING SRL is a company born as a synthesis of experiences from different professionals on renewable energy in Italy and abroad.

On this base, they were born strong collaborations with the major players in the renewable energy sector, but especially SOL LUCET TRADING is a recipient of commissions from qualified investors and international funds aimed at acquiring plants are already connected in Italy and abroad as TECHNICAL ADVISOR.

Our research and analysis of photovoltaic systems can aggregate the offer to bring it into contact with the demand. Introducing a revamping operations and improve management efficiency through a “operation & maintenance” with a complete guarantee of the result.

Our skills range start from authorization to the projecting, including the construction and management of integrated electrical systems that renewable energy sources use, to arrive intto the management and optimization of industrial processes technologies that are high energy-using.

renewable energy in Italy and abroad

Our interlocutors are: SELLERS : Plant owners who want to enhance it  and put on the market by the signature of agreements transparent and reserved. BUYERS : sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, private investors and financial players.

SOL LUCET TRADING S.R.L / P.I. 02322890464